Innovators in LED lighting technology never follow trends; they set them…

InnovateLighting brings all the latest ideas and the latest LED technology together in a stunning range of exclusive high bay lights, flood lights and street lights. Our products feature all the latest technological advancements made using highly resistant materials. Each of our products meets technical and safety requirements and includes a European CE certification and our products are RoHS compliant, meaning they are environmentally friendly. But we’re not just about the tech…

Top of the range LED lights and service

When you get in touch – whether you’ve got a question about one of our lights, or you want some product information, you’ll get a feel for who we are. InnovateLighting is a small, close-knit team – still managed by the same two guys who set up the company in 2008 – and we’re still innovating. Still finding new ways to give you a better lighting experience in any environment. Still finding ways to set our service apart from the rest.

  • That’s why our products are unique – these aren’t your usual off-the-shelf LED lights
  • That’s why you’ll pay some of the lowest prices for some of the industry’s most sophisticated lights

The ultimate lighting solutions – built with you in mind

We’re immensely proud of our range of LED lights. But we don’t take all the credit. At InnovateLighting, we’ve always taken note of what new customers have asked for. And we always listen to what existing clients tell us. Result: a product range that has evolved to meet customers’ needs for technical specifications, usability and price. We’ve built the product range with you in mind.

Industry leading prices for high-end industrial lighting

Okay, so how are we able to give you leading LED lighting technology at market-leading prices?

  1. We’re just the right size. So that means fewer overheads
  2. We’ve established partnerships with the right manufacturers – so we do the research and development – they implement our ideas
  3. We don’t have to pay anyone else – all that research, all that innovation – it’s all in-house

Check out our product range to find out more or get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.