There are many benefits of using LED lights when compared with other lamp sources; here are just a few:

High Efficiency: Believe it or not – conventional lighting uses 80-90% of its energy as heat – not light, so a great deal of energy is wasted. With LEDs, the electrical energy passes through the semiconductor much more efficiently converting into light energy with little or no production of heat. This translates into energy savings and ultimately cost savings.

Durability: LED bulbs have a huge life expectancy in comparison to other technologies. The LED technology is very stable and so LED bulbs should last for many thousand hours. Typically, an LED light lasts four times longer than a compact fluorescent light and 20 times longer than an incandescent light. With superior life over other lamp sources, their required maintenance is greatly reduced.

Quality of Light: LED lights have crisp, clear and accurate light that is easy on the eye. LED lights are designed to focus light and be can be directed to a specific location, achieving higher application efficiency than conventional lighting.

Instant Light: LED lights brighten up immediately when powered on and operate in extremely hot or cold temperatures without light degradation.

Greater Control: There is also the potential for greater optical control in comparison to other ‘more-limited’ lighting technologies.