What is LED lighting?

An LED or Light Emitting Diode is an electric component which emits light energy when an electrical current is passed through it. LEDs were first used in commercial applications as early as 1962. LED lighting is today’s cost effective and [...]

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What are the advantages of using LED lights?

There are many benefits of using LED lights when compared with other lamp sources; here are just a few: High Efficiency: Believe it or not - conventional lighting uses 80-90% of its energy as heat – not light, so a [...]

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Are LED lights cost effective?

LED lights are very cost effective and the savings are twofold… Firstly, the LED technology is extremely efficient and so you will use around 90% less electricity than traditional lighting. Secondly, as the LED light has a huge life expectancy [...]

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What are the environmental benefits of using LED lighting?

Let’s look at the bigger picture - around 25% of all electricity in the UK is consumed through the use of lighting. Based on the fact that LED lights are much more energy efficient than alternatives (by up to 90%) [...]

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What is the colour of LED lights?

The popular white LED lights are of three types: (a) Warm White. The warm white LED light closely resembles incandescent light and has a slight tone of yellow or orange; (b) Natural White. The natural white LED gives a much [...]

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Can LED lights be used outdoors?

Yes - LED lights can be used outdoors as long as the fitting they are used in is suitable for outdoor use with a relevant IP waterproof rating. To be used outside, products should have an IP rating which will [...]

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What does the term “lumen depreciation” mean?

Unlike traditional lights that just suddenly fail and go out - LED lights do not normally just stop working. Instead the light just gradually decreases in output over time. Rest assured -  it is very gradual and hardly noticeable. Normally [...]

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Do you have a showroom we can visit and if so – where are you based?

Yes, we do - the InnovateLighting showroom is conveniently located in the East Midlands (Loughborough, Leicestershire), close to the M1. Why not come and see our LED lighting solutions for yourself? We’ll talk you through our complete range and help [...]

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Do you deliver Worldwide?

Absolutely - we can ship all over the world, but delivery times do vary. We recommend you contact us before you order so we can give you a more accurate delivery cost and delivery date estimate. Please note that some [...]

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